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What To Do With A Sick Baby

Updated: Jan 18, 2022


Having a sick baby is no fun! When your little one is sick you need to make sure you are prepared.

Full Disclosure: Within the first year of life your little one will get sick. Not once, not twice… several times! This is how they build up their immune system. It’s hard to realize that at first but trust me, after asking the pediatrician for reassurance over and over again I came to terms with the endless runny noses.

Everything is trial and error when raising a little one. I am here to help you get through this rough patch and learn how to help your baby when they are sick.

Within this blog you will learn how to make it through the day and what items you need to have!

Getting through the day:

Your baby is going to be cranky! They don’t feel good and don’t know how to tell you what‘s wrong. It’s a horrible feeling to know they don feel good.

Just remember these tips!

-This will pass. A typical cold only lasts a few days.

-When in doubt give them Tylenol or Motrin every 4-6 hrs. This will help any aches and pains that they can’t tell you they have.

-Snuggles and rest! Extra rest helps there immune system!

-Keep them hydrated. They will most likely be drinking half of what they normally do. Offer more bottles throughout the day so they can make up for lost ounces and stay hydrated.

When your little one starts showing symptoms of a cold you don’t want to get stuck running to the store to grab some!

Here is an essential list of everything you need to be prepared and why:


Run a humidifier in your babies room! This will help keep the air moist to help them breath better. It will help keep the mucus thin for a stuffed up nose. Make sure to use distilled water and follow the cleaning instructions to help it last longer.

Nose Saline

You can’t over do it on saline drops/spray! When your little one is too young to take certain medication this will be your go to! This will help a stuffy nose!

Electric Nose Sucker

Start off by using the saline spray/drops to help loosen that stuffy nose up. I have used several other types of nose suckers on the market and I swear by using an electric sucker! Electric is the way to go! It’s super easy to use and clean. My little one is so calm when I have to use it!

Elderberry Syrup

This is liquid gold in a bottle! This is an awesome preventative homeopathic option. Elderberry is used to help boost the immune system. I use it with my little guy and I feel he is sick less often and colds don’t last as long. I give it every morning!

Hyland's Cold Relief

Medication is limited when your baby is so young. Most medicine is organic, natural, and homeopathic until about 2 years old. I have tried many and I really love the Hyland's brand. Many of the natural medicines smell strong and are super thick, I can’t imagine how they taste! Hyland's smells sweeter and is a thinner consistency. They have several products on the market. I love their cold medicine because they have 2 versions; daytime and nighttime!

Tylenol or Motrin

Fevers happen! I keep a few new bottles of Tylenol and Motrin on hand in the medicine cabinet. Ask your Pediatrician for the correct dosage.

Digital Thermometer A digital thermometer is essential because it's so easy to use! It's also quick and non invasive!

Aquaphor Ointment

Runny nose means you are constantly wiping your little ones nose. This can lead to a red and irritated nose. I use Aquaphor for everything already and this is just another reason! Aquaphor is an awesome moisturizer and protective for a sore nose.

Essential oil

Bath time is super soothing for anyone who isn’t feeling their best! I use this baby safe essential oil. This oil is super soothing. It will help calm your little one and help open them up to breath easier.

Boogie Nose Wipes

Runny noses are messy. Using tissues are irritating to your little ones tiny nose. I use these wipes because they are smell great and are super soothing.

Hopefully this will help you get through this rough patch and learn how to help your baby when they are sick. Be sure to also read my other post regarding helping your baby sleep through the night when they’re sick.

Within this blog you learned how to make it through the day and what items you need to have!

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